We love writing about unusual crime stories here at WCYY, and so when we saw this one come down the pipeline, we couldn't pass it up.

As reported by the Bangor Daily News, a man from London, who has been accused of both money laundering and conspiring to start a Marijuana seed trade between Maine and the United Kingdom will face those charges as early as this coming Spring. However, this man's hair-brained scheme isn't the only think we're chuckling about. His name: Gypsy Nirvana. (Really, we're not making this up.)

The investigation leading up to the arrest of Mr. Nirvana (That's always going to be weird to say) began back in 2011, when authorities intercepted a box of marijuana seeds bound for the UK, apparently purchased by Gypsy himself. After years of working with police informants, police finally apprehended him two years later. When the date for his trial finally arrives, he will face a federal court right here in Portland. Unfortunately, his publicist, whom we can only assume is a huge purple dragon, was unavailable for comment.

Seriously though, how does someone get a name like Gypsy Nirvana? We'd imagine it's an assumed name of some sort, but what if his parents actually gave him that name? Was he born in some sort of hippie commune that have an unhealthy love for Dave Grohl?

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