It seems like Slugger the Sea Dog's favorite costume is Iron Man. He's worn it on the field and during Halloween when taking candy and gifts to kids while putting a smile on their faces.

But now, thanks to Marvel animators, he is getting a new look next season in a special custom logo turning him into a "Defender of the Diamond."

Marvel Entertainment has teamed up with the Portland Sea Dogs and 95 other Minor League Baseball teams over the next three years for "Defenders of the Diamond." It sounds like a lot of fun at Hadlock!

During the season they will host at least one Marvel Defenders of the Diamond-themed game. During the themed games, there will be appearances from Marvel Super Hero characters. The teams will be wearing special Marvel-themed uniforms. Custom Minor League Baseball-themed comic books will be available and all sorts of other Marvel-themed activities.

The Marvel-themed Sea Dogs logo depicts Slugger holding a bat and wearing a red cape and mask appearing to be in flight. It's a super cool logo for a super Sea Dog. And guess what? Merchandise with the Marvel themed logo is already available in the Sea Dogs online store. How sweet looking is that ballcap?

Portland Sea Dogs / MiLB
Portland Sea Dogs / MiLB


So get ready to assemble with the Slugger and The Portland Sea Dogs for Defenders of the Diamond in the 2023 season. Keep an eye on the Portland Sea Dogs website and social media sites for an announcement on when the Marvel-themed games will be played.

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