Forget all the new hotels, how about a massive new restaurant? That's what you'll see this coming summer when the newest location of Luke's Lobster opens at the end of the Portland Pier, close to seafood-serving favorites like J's Oyster and DiMillo's.

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According to the Portland Press Herald, the new restaurant will have a seating capacity of 200 people, making it one of the largest restaurants in Portland. Luke Holden, the founder of Luke's Lobster and a Cape Elizabeth native, had always wanted to bring his restaurant chain close to home and he's doing so in grand fashion.

The restaurant will abut a lobster pound, opened this past year by Luke's Lobster, and will give patrons of the new eatery a chance to see more than just floating lobsters in a tank. Luke's Lobster has always lived by the mantra of locally sourced and sustainable seafood, and having a lobster pound connected to the restaurant will certainly accomplish that goal.

The biggest obstacle for Luke's Lobster will be parking. The new restaurant will have enough space for roughly 10 vehicles, meaning like most other places in the Old Port, people will have to find a place to park nearby to visit.

The restaurant is already under construction.

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