A Maine Warden and his K9 located a Virginia man who got lost in the woods of New Sweden.

Who Was Missing?

Donald Cook, 64, of Harrisburg, Virginia went for a walk in the woods when he strayed from the trail and couldn't find his way back. The Virginia man's family returned to the vacation house they were renting in New Sweden at around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon and Cook wasn't there. They searched for several hours but, when they were unable to find him, his family called authorities for help.

Where Was He Found?

It was approximately 10:15 Wednesday night when the Maine Warden Service received a call that Cook had been reported missing. Several Wardens went to the scene to search for the 64-year-old at around 11:00, including Warden Preston Pomerleau and his K9 Gordon. After about two hours of searching, K9 Gordon located Cook in the woods a little after 1:00 Thursday morning, about a half mile from the rental home.

Was the Man Hurt?

Officials say Cook was cold and dehydrated, so the Wardens gave him water and warm clothes before helping him out of the woods. Mr. Cook told them he had been looking for moose tracks when he left the trail and got lost. He was checked out by personnel with Caribou Ambulance, but was deemed to be okay and released to continue with his vacation.

New Sweden is located about ten miles northwest of Caribou, in Aroostook County.

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