So the groundhog saw his shadow and people rejoiced. Two days later, most of Maine saw an afternoon where high temperatures hovered around 60 degrees. It's ok if you already started thinking spring, but unfortunately Mother Nature isn't quite done with winter yet.

Maine is in line to see potentially the largest single snowstorm we've seen for the entire winter. The storm is likely to start in the afternoon/evening for southern portions of the state and conclude for everyone on Wednesday. And it will pack a nice little punch. The immediate coastline will be spared, with roughly 6 inches of snow mixed with sleet in the forecast. But everyone else away from the coast should prepare for at least 10 inches, with some part potentially approaching a foot and a half.

As NewsCenter Maine's Ryan Breton states in his tweet, there's a chance atmospheric conditions will make it too warm along the coastline on Wednesday to see much snow. The forecast totals would be good news for ski mountains and winter enthusiasts, and another stark reminder to those who busted out their shorts and t-shirts last week. Hit the pause button on Spring, and get your shovels and snowblowers ready. Winter ain't over yet.


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