Summer in Maine was really short this year, huh? Kind of feels that way after we had a tremendous weekend, including a perfect Sunday filled with sun and warmth. But Monday was a dark, gloomy fun sucker, filled with snow, sleet and freezing rain for most of the state. And if you thought that was Mother Nature's last hurrah, umm...think again.

Shared on Twitter by Keith Carson, late-Tuesday night into Wednesday morning will bring the entire state of Maine another pretty healthy dose of the white stuff. Carson's blurb attached to his tweet is filled with sarcasm, because most of his followers, and Mainers in general, have pretty much had it with winter.

The silver lining? That Tuesday into Wednesday storm SHOULD be the last snow storm before warmer weather sets it on a little bit of a permanent basis. We said should because this is Maine and we know better than to make promises we can't keep.

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