Mr. Drew and His Animals Too, located at 50 Lisbon Street Lewiston has officially been evicted from his current location. Mr. Drew provides a rehabilitation center for exotic animals and a space for all ages to learn. He is a staple in the community, offering a safe place for animals to grow and the members of the entire State to learn about animals.

As of recently, Mr. Drew spoke about wanting to expand his business, however he was unaware that he was going be be evicted.

Sadly, we have found out that he only has 20 days to leave his current location. His 30 day notice was given 10 days ago.

I am assuming that having to remove everything from the current 2,000 square foot space is going to prove to be very tough in this short period of time.

For everything that Mr. Drew has done for his beloved community of the Androscoggin and beyond, it's time for us to give back in his time of need.

Close friends and supporters, Chelsea Briggs and Cheryl Horton created a GoFundMe.

It's titled, "Rally To Save Mr. Drew & His Animals Too"

Chelsea and Cheryl ask for your help noting,

"With the rising costs of expenses, we need to support his dream to continue to do the powerful work he does, and so that we can continue to experience the magic that is Mr. Drew and His Animals Too."

Over $1,200 has been raised as of now and they're asking for $25,000.

"All donations have been set up to be directly deposited into The Drews Business Account. They will also receive all emails regarding donations." GoFundME

If you have met Mr. Drew and experienced his animal magic and would like to help, please visit the GoFundMe page.

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