Since we are in the thick of the holiday season, porch pirates are on the prowl now more than ever! We need to take extra precautions to ensure that our precious Christmas gifts for our friends and family (and maybe a few for ourselves, don't judge me) don't get swiped.

I live in an apartment building with a mailroom so I feel like my packages are pretty secure. However, when I lived in Boston, it was a shadier situation and I made sure to get my packages delivered to my office at the time to be on the safe side. Of course, this was before the days of ring doorbell cameras.

According to abc7ny, Betsy Lockhart from Fairfield Connecticut was having some issues with porch pirates and decided to get a doorbell camera installed.

Betsy had ordered a little gift for herself (nice, girl! you deserve it!) it was a pair of gold hoop earrings from the Russ Simons store on Amazon. She saw the package had been delivered while she was out and she was really excited! However, when she got home the box was nowhere to be found. "NOT AGAIN!" Betsy dismayed.

When Betsy checked her doorbell camera footage she saw the perpetrator as clear as a day. IT WAS A POSSUM! The little dude just grabbed the box from the stoop and took off with it. Then you could hear sounds of him chomping on the box while he was out of the frame.

How ridiculous that a possum would steal a pair of hoop earrings! Everyone knows possums prefer stud earrings over hoops!

The site states that Betsy was relieved to learn that her porch pirate was this cute critter and not an actual criminal. She didn't bother explaining the incident to Amazon and trying to get her $90 back. She just chalked it up as a loss and at least she got a good story out of it!

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