If you spent your life sticking it out through some grueling New England winters, then you know the winter of 2019-2020 ain't it. There have been very few significant storms, very few lengthy cold stretches, and a peculiarly warm haze that has been hovering over the entire winter season. It appears that as we say goodbye to winter and hello to spring, that trend could continue with a warmer-than-normal March.

According to Eric Fisher from WBZ, all the signs point to the warming escalating in March. That doesn't necessarily mean we won't see another snowstorm or two throughout the month, but the general feel and result to average high temperatures should be higher than your normal average. Keith Carson from Newscenter Maine is seeing the same outlook.

That should be some welcome relief for those suffering from the winter blues in Maine, New Hampshire, and the rest of the New England states. And before you go busting out the jean shorts and tank top, the warming trend should push temperatures 4-8 degrees above a normal average. For perspective, the average temperature in Portland, Maine in March is only 42 degrees. So, could we see a few more 50 degree days in March this year? You bet. How about 75 degree beach days in March? Not likely.



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