The highways all across New England have been getting busier in recent years, and with more cars clogging the highways typically comes more problems. One of those problems was drivers occupying the left lane on highways and not moving over when cars wanted to pass them. There are several dangers that come along with that practice and so the state of New Hampshire decided to act. New law, new fine and hopefully a new attitude for drivers on the roads.

The State of New Hampshire officially listed their new law on their website, detailing when it is acceptable for cars to travel in the left lane on highways. For those drivers that continue to disobey the left lane law, troopers in New Hampshire can now hand out fines of $50 per violation.

There are also plenty of exceptions to the left lane law. Some of those exceptions include construction traffic, when emergency personnel or police are attending to someone in the right lane and if you are traveling on a highway with more than two lanes heading in the same direction. The left lane law won't come into play during any of those instances.

So here's to the old adage "stay in your lane!". Unless it's the left lane, then please move over to the right.


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