2023 was expected to be the hottest in New Hampshire’s history. So, with that in mind, it’s important to remember that aaaaaaand whoops, never mind, it’s already snowing.

According to SnowBrains.com, Mount Washington saw its first official snowfall of the season this week. With temperatures falling below zero for a few hours Thursday morning, one of the rainiest New Hampshire summers ever quickly gave us ice…and the white stuff.

The good news is that the snow was only seen above 6,000 feet (this is especially good news if you’re a pug that likes to keep your Granite State mountain hikes around 4,000). But still, it’s snow in August!

It harkens back to the early days of the Farmer’s Almanac, when a prank-gone-right predicted a similar summer forecast. Alas, it’s late summer – almost fall – and the Almanac is already preparing us for a wakeup call as the days grow shorter.

Said the Farmer's:

“There are indications that an El Niño (an unusually high-water temperature off the Pacific Coast of South America), will be brewing in the latter half of 2023, lasting into the winter of 2024. If we consider that alongside our tried-and-true forecast formula, it means that cold temperatures should prevail throughout the country and bring snow, sleet, and ice.”

But as we enter the post-Uncertain Times, a snowy winter won’t have quite the effect it once did in New England. Especially, that is, if you’re a kid.

Thanks to Zoom and other video conferencing options, many school districts have hinted at phasing out of snow days in favor of remote learning.

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