Off the heels of a veto from Governor Paul LePage that would have taken care of this, the Portland City Council approved an ordinance that will ban operation of any puppy or kitten mills within city limits. A puppy or kitten "mill" is considered a large scale breeding facility that places profit over the general welfare of the animals it breeds.

According to the Portland Press Herald, a bill that would have accomplished the same thing as this ordinance was vetoed by Governor LePage in 2015 leaving supporters of the bill to ask individual cities and towns to enact their own laws. The Portland City Council passed the ordinance on first reading, which means it will have to go in front of the council one more time before it becomes official.

The ordinance will block any retail sales of puppies or kittens. According to the Press Herald, there are currently no known retail shops that sell cats or dogs in Portland. The ordinance does not ban animal care facilities or shelters from selling animals that have been saved and cared for.

Stefan Petru Andronache

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