And you know it's gonna be good because it's from people behind the poutine truck Pinky D's.


The taco may be L.A.'s favorite food. Yes, the Los Angeles L.A. And the best way to eat one is on the sidewalk, fresh from a truck, like L/A Taco Truck. Portland's food truck culture has a long and proud culture, and now you can get all kinds of food from all cuisines right from a truck. After spending some time on the streets of East Los Angeles, Randy has decided to bring this culture and food to the other East L/A...Lewiston/ Auburn.

LA Tacol
LA Tacol

Look for a new delicious taco hopefully in early June! Randy is excited to bring an authentic street taco experience. He's getting pretty good at this food truck gig. He's been grinding out some amazing poutine from his Pinky D’s for over 10 years on the streets of Maine. They are a multi-time Maine food truck of the year, Randy is multi time Maine Chef of the Year, and countless other great awards. Pinky D’s Poutine Factory is on your favorite list and now so will L/A Taco.



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