If you've ever been sitting in your car and asking yourself, "how did this person in front of me ever get their license?", well, there's a study that backs up your thoughts. According to QuoteWizard, an insurance website, Maine drivers rank amongst the worst in the United States based on the five key criteria they used. So while you're stuck in traffic asking "are we taking a left or a right buddy, time to decide!", let's break down the findings.

Maine is the 7th worst state for drivers according to QuoteWizard, using the criteria of various driving infractions including speeding tickets, citations, OUIs, accidents and fatalities. QuoteWizard called on the Federal Highway Administration for the data. They weighted the more significant incidents over the less extreme ones to determine which state has the most drivers likely to make bad decisions behind the wheel.

Maine ranks as the worst state in New England for driving, with Vermont just a few spots behind. Believe it or not, Massachusetts was in the upper tier for good drivers and Rhode Island topped the list as the best state in the country for drivers.

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