We've had plenty of fun taking a few shots at various things around the state of Maine for years but guess what? Now it's our turn to take it. NewMaineNews, Maine's own personalized edition of The Onion, has welcomed WCYY into its realm of various targets with a new blog post warning about the dangers of listening to Sublime over the airwaves.

Seth Macy, the brilliant mind behind the faux-news site, put the simplicity of radio into sarcastic focus, proclaiming that Xander "warned" listeners that following a break for commercials, they'd be put through another plodding Sublime song.

The article shifts gears from us and moves onto Sublime themselves. We're not sure if Macy really has a disdain for Sublime or if it's all part of the ruse, but the final line of his post made us all laugh out loud.

"(Sublime) They're basically warm Twisted Tea in music form, which is why we play them in Maine"

But what NewMaineNews discovered rather quickly was that Sublime fans are a proud group and the response to his satirical blog was met with some fierce responses. But in classic NMN fashion, they doubled-down on the beating.

We don't have much choice but to take the L on this one. NewMaineNews, you win again.

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