In just the last week or so, most of New England's most popular theme parks have announced that they are indefinitely pushing back their opening weekends in May because of the coronavirus pandemic. So it shouldn't come as a major surprise that Water Country in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is doing the same exact thing.

Water Country announced on Facebook that there initial opening date of June 13th doesn't seem feasible given all the uncertainty at the moment and thus, they'll be delaying opening the popular water park until further notice from health experts and officials. While Water Country admits it's still too early to determine a future opening date, they remain committed to opening at some point during the 2020 season.

Given recent predictions from health experts on how soon large sporting events or concerts may be able to resume, theme parks and water parks such as Water Country may have an uphill battle to open at all this year given the pandemic.

As with all the other New England theme parks, Water Country will continue to update their social media pages with news on potential opening dates and other things happening at the park. One thing seems to be sure, this will be the strangest summer of our lives.

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