You hear the words “Portland Zoo” flying around but you’re pretty certain Portland, Maine doesn’t have a zoo… or does it?

No, you are right, it doesn’t have a zoo with animals but it does have an epic beer garden that sports the name Portland Zoo.

Portland Zoo in Portland, Maine

If you’ve spent any time in Portland then you may recognize the vibrant blue little building that’s nestled on the hill on Fox Street. The small spot has big energy with a main focus on beer and music. Oh, and if you’re a soccer fan, they pack the house on game nights.

Our little city has a ridiculous amount of beer joints but this one has its own unique character and charisma. The atmosphere and energy are vibrant, colorful, positive, and fun. Plus, their killer merch and beer can designs match that creative energy and add to the vitality that differentiates them from other spots around town.

The blue house welcomes you into an intimate space but walk around the corner and you’ll be right in their spacious backyard where there seems to always be something going on. If you’re a supporter of the local music scene, you can catch local musicians and DJs during their boogie nights.

It’s the type of local joint where you’re around strangers but feel like you’re chilling with friends. It’s a great atmosphere, great beer selection, and great prices. If you’re looking for a chill spot to grab a beer, this is definitely the place to do it.

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