It's not a scam! The man who posted these signs all-over Portland is looking for help.

The story: Jonathan (who's number is blurred-out in the photo above) was in Atlantic City back in early 2015 where he met a woman named Laurie. They hit it off and had what Jonathan called a "spiritual connection". The problem? They never exchanged contact information, they didn't add each other on Facebook, nothing! They soon lost contact after heading home from their respective vacations.

The big question: How do you get in contact with someone you can't find online? You hang some signs! Jonathan knew that Laurie was from the Portland area, so he took to the city's streets to hang almost 50 signs asking for help.

To this day, Jonathan has had no luck. His signs and reward offerings have got him nothing but inquisitive calls from the residents of Portland. We thought we'd share the message to give Jonathan another shot. Laurie, are you out there?

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