Our friends at the Portland Police Department want to get the word out about some of the scams going around Portland the last few months. These were all real attempts to scam people. Some of these are scams you see and hear about everyday. Some of these are verrrry creative. Did you know over 4 million people are scammed each year?

Hello all,The PPD would like to pass on a few reminders about scams that are out there. These are all incidents in...

Posted by Portland Maine Police Department on Tuesday, March 29, 2016




From the PPD Facebook page:

* Your grandson (who sounds different because they have laryngitis...) was NOT arrested in Canada and does NOT need you to send bail money. The scammers found your family info on Facebook.

* When you are on certain dating or "looking for romance" websites, please do NOT send nude pictures of yourself to a stranger because they ask you to. You might just get a reply from them listing your Facebook profile and your entire list of FB friends. They will tell you to send them money or else they will share your birthday suit pic with all of them. If you pay them once, they will keep extorting you.

* CMP is NOT calling you and telling you that your business will have it's power shut off in an hour unless you go to a store and send them money via green dot cards or Western Union.

crainglast-Chevy Malibu
crainglast-Chevy Malibu

* The 2015 Chevy Malibu you saw for sale on Craig's list for $1,200.00 (because the seller needs to pay rent ASAP...) does not exist. They took some pictures of a random car and posted them. Please do not meet up with them and give them cash. Seriously. Do not meet them and give them cash...

* The unsolicited email or phone call from a modeling agency offering you a modeling gig (contingent on you cashing a check they send you) is not real.



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