I wish I had gotten your name. This letter would be more personable.


But, despite not knowing your name, your gesture made my day and got me thinking I should write you a letter.

I had pulled into a clearly marked NO PARKING area to hop out and grab my take-out order at Foreside House of Pizza. But on my way to my definite illegal move, you were there in your cruiser parked. I had to drive right by you to make my illegal park and grab. So, I decided to roll down my passenger window and ask. Because really, I like to follow the rules.

I said, 'Excuse me, officer. I was about to park illegally to grab my take-out order. Is that okay?'

You responded with something like, 'Sure, just be quick...' You were busy, but still super nice. I thanked you and scooted in to grab my food and off I was.

Falmouth Police Dept/Facebook
Falmouth Police Dept/Facebook

Who cares right? Well, I am writing this letter because these days sometimes it feels like cops are a four-letter word. Of course, it was a small thing letting me park illegally. But you most certainly could have said, no way lady - move on. But you didn't. And for all the terrible stories of terrible cops - I truly believe that most of you are very good humans. Sometimes good humans put in terrible situations can be terrible too. But I've worked with the Portland Police Dept and Falmouth Police quite a bit. Both as a citizen being pulled over and as someone putting together a promotion. I have never felt anything but respect and admiration for everyone in blue I've encountered.

I know the comments will come from the horror stories. But I hope the comments come from the good stories too. They exist and it's okay to say that cops are human. I don't like all humans and I'm sure I wouldn't like every cop.

But if you were parked at Shaw's parking lot in Falmouth and let a hungry lady get her food quicker - thanks.

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