The untimely loss of Pantera's Vinnie Paul last year devastated the metal community and last night (Feb. 10) at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, it stung to see that the drummer was left out of their In Memoriam reel.

The reel's purpose is to honor the musicians and other notable members of the music industry who died over the last year. Historically, it has left out major heavy metal icons who have passed, including Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, Type O Negative's Peter Steele and Slipknot's Paul Gray.

The organization did, however, have Vinnie Paul listed among the hundreds of those who had died over the last year on their website.

Fans were quick to take note and flooded Twitter with their responses, expressing their disgust over the exclusion.

Vinnie Paul died on June 22, 2018. His cause of death was ruled to be an enlarged heart while severe coronary artery disease was ruled to be a contributing factor.

He will be best remembered for his groundbreaking work in Pantera, though his focus over the last decade-plus was playing drums in Hellyeah. The band is aiming to release a new record this year, which was already in the works before the drummer's death and will feature his contributions. Hellyeah also shared a teaser clip of new music recently.

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