We've all seen trees with wild spiderweb-like cocoons on branches and been told they're bad for the environment and they've seemed to get worse over time.

According to The Times Record, parasitic flies will be released in Bath this week to help counter the invasive winter moths by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry's Maine Forest Service.

These flies will only attack the invasive moths and successful efforts with these bugs have already been made in parts of New England and Canada, as stated in the article.

The parasitic flies are called Adult Cyzenis albicans. The way they work is by laying eggs on leave, to be consumed by winter moth caterpillars and afterwards will hatch and consume the caterpillars starting internally, according to the Times Record.

Maybe it's just me getting the "creepy-crawlies" about this, but this could be a killer Halloween costume concept, keeping Sigourney Weaver's legendary Alien "chestbuster" scene in mind!

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