Another restaurant has been lost in the crosswinds of the global pandemic. In a lengthy and heartfelt Facebook post, Pedro O'Hara's in Brunswick announced that because of the inability to open their dining room and a lack of outdoor space to host patrons, the restaurant can no longer continue to operate and would close immediately.

Joking blaming a beer they've sold so many pints of, Pedro O'Hara's stated that despite surviving the naval air station closing, a flood, and the recession, coronavirus was the one thing they couldn't overcome. The pandemic caused the restaurant to lose out on some of their biggest money making days of the year, including St. Patrick's Day as well as Cinco De Mayo and various events involving Bowdoin College. Between the losses sustained there and not knowing when they would be able to open up their dining to full capacity, the business was no longer sustainable. The restaurant had been operating for 17 years.

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The closure of the Pedro O'Hara's location in Brunswick will not affect the location in Lewiston. That location had outdoor space to open a dining area and plans to continue operations.

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