As Coronavirus concerns take hold and parts of the United States consider large scale quarantines, people in Maine are doing their best to prepare in case the virus spreads. You could reasonably expect to show up to a grocery store right now and see shelves emptier than normal on cleaning products and dry foods. But there's another specific item that people are going wild for, and not just at grocery stores. It's toilet paper and it's HOT right now.

Shared on Twitter by Amanda Hill, here's just one of many photos circulating on social media of shelves that are bare from any toilet paper stock. It doesn't matter if you're going name brand or generic brand, toilet paper is flying off the shelves no matter what ply it is. In some ways, it makes complete sense. Toilet paper is one of those items we all want to use and definitely don't want to run out of. At the same time, shelves at these same stores are still packed with plenty of dry and canned foods leading some customers to ask, "what gives?"


What gives is that we're seeing the results of a worldwide run on toilet paper. According to Forbes, several other countries that saw Coronavirus outbreaks before the United States made wild runs on all paper products from tissues to toilet paper. That run, coupled with regular demand, has led to a shortage of the prized paper product.

Grocery and warehouse stores across Maine are attempting to restock shelves as quickly as they can so if you find some shelves empty, be as patient as you can with them. The only other option is going back to the Wild West, where people are going to trade goods and services for rolls of toilet paper. We're not there yet, but never say never.

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