For most of us going through our daily lives in Maine, winning the lottery and hitting it big is just a fantasy. What would you do with the money if you had it? Scrolling through some of the most expensive houses for sale in Maine, I came across this stunning, sprawling house located in the tiny town of Islesboro. This home was also recently featured on Forbes list of most expensive home listings in every state. 

Decaro Auctions is behind all of the stunning photos you'll see of this property located at 180 Abrams Mountain Road. They promise that an auction will be held on June 25th with the property going to the highest bidder, all furnishings included. Open houses for the property will be going on every weekend in June until the auction commences.

So feel like you have an extra $11 million bucks just lying around? The initial listing price of the home was set at $10.9 million but as you'll see in the pictures, you're probably getting your moneys worth. The home features majestic views, 3 bedrooms and 3 baths with world class fixtures, a solarium and its very own wine cellar! For more information, you can visit the Decaro Auctions page here.

Ahhh, to dream! enjoy scrolling through the pictures of how the 1% lives. (note: there are more than 4 pictures. keep scrolling through the ads!)


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