A fisherman from East Sebago named Kurt Christensen walked out onto the ice on Saturday and was disappointed in what he discovered, to say the least. He posted a video to Facebook that shows dead fish, some in piles, apparently left behind from the day before. Kurt says in the video that he "counted 40 of 'em."

This is such a sad thing to see during the otherwise fantastic yearly event and competition of the Sebago Lake Ice Fishing Derby. It is a display of carelessness that by the sound of Kurt's commentary in the video, was a very unhappy surprise to see.

Why would someone do this? If your not going to take your catch with you and enjoy a feast or throw 'em back, you don't deserve the privilege of fishing here in our beautiful state. This stuff makes me mad and I don't even fish.

I am unsure how this can be prevent in the future. But, I agree with Kurt when he says, "Something needs to be done." That's why I felt it was necessary to help get this out there and bring a greater awareness and maybe it'll be part of keeping it from becoming a growing problem.

Here's the upsetting video. WARNING: Kurt uses the f-word. If you or I ran into this mess on a lake we loved as we were headed out to fish, I bet we would too. Kurt we are sorry you had to start a day of family fun with this. Thank you for sharing it, though. This can't happen again.

Here's another pile he found yesterday (2/21).

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