Playboy is out of the business of showcasing nude women and has officially jumped into the business of Rolling Stone-esque lists with their newest compilation of the "most embarrassing band from each U.S. state". What makes Playboy's article different from the typical lists/collection you may come across on the internet, is that Playboy used literally no research whatsoever to come up with their determinations. Fantastic.

That is probably how we arrived at the choice for the most embarrassing band/musician for Maine. It's John Travolta. Yes, that John Travolta. Playboy uses this rationale for choosing him..

Did they see his moves on Saturday Night Fever and think, “Hey, that guy would make a fantastic spokesman for us Scientologists!” It’s hard to remember that the cool guy from Grease is now a human that looks like really good CGI.

Nothing about what makes him an embarrassing musician or how it makes him the most embarrassing musician from MAINE. So here's some research Playboy failed to do. John Travolta isn't from Maine, he's from New Jersey. He and Kelly Preston have owned a vacation home in Islesboro for decades now. That's it.

His musical career? It's a stretch to call it that. As his IMDB biography states, he was a performer on Broadway before making it big in Hollywood and while he's played "musical" characters that have become famous on the big screen, it would probably be false to portray him as a musician.

But if you think Maine's choice stinks, check out New Hampshire's. In fact, check out the whole list. Some are fair, and some you just have to wonder. Congratulations Maine, John Travolta's musical career embarrasses us!

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