For the second time in a calendar year, a person from Maine has been cited by police for having an atrociously awful homemade inspection sticker on their car. 

It's ok to shake your head at this one. According to the Bangor Daily News, a 41-year-old man from Ellsworth was cited by police after a faux inspection sticker was discovered in his windshield following a routine traffic stop.

The situation unfolded after the man was speeding through a school zone. A Hancock County Sheriff's Deputy pulled the man over for the speed infraction as well as an oddly colored inspection sticker on his windshield. As it turned out, that inspection sticker was one for the ages.

The BDN reports that the fake sticker was made from some sort of blue food container. The deputy when looking inside the vehicle, noticed that it featured a recipe on the back. The 41-year-old who tried to pass this off as real also spent the time to remove a barcode from a pack of Virginia Slims cigarettes and place it on the fraudulent sticker. Lastly, he drew in the normal month markings with a sharpie. Because obviously.

This man's version pales in comparison to this effort discovered in April of this year.



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