A recent surge in creepy (and threatening) clown sightings across the United States is no laughing matter as people are becoming nervous. 

In the last month, you may have noticed more and more "creepy clown" related stories popping up on your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed. You're not alone. A recent surge of sightings all across the country have prompted the very honest question, what exactly is going on here? Is there a nationwide, orchestrated attempt to frighten people? Are there just copycats spreading across the country? Those questions have yet to be answered.

However, here in Maine, we've been devoid of any creepy clown sightings until yesterday. According to WCSH-6, Orono Police took to social media to make a proclamation after receiving a call about a creepy clown sighting.

Police nationwide are encouraging people to report any creepy clown sightings that seem suspicious or potentially dangerous to them immediately. Last night parts of the Merrimack University campus and the University of New Hampshire were put on high alert after multiple sightings of a creepy clown on campus were reported.

Nationwide prank or serious threat? What do you think?

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