Portsmouth Police are looking for whoever this is...


They posted on Facebook two pictures, but no details on what happened.


Oh, I don't think it's going to be long before she is identified and the police find her. The Portsmouth Police have not said that they have identified her.

Water Country is a great place, but also a melting pot. Lots of people from Massachusetts, Connecticut and even New Yorkers make it part of their summer plans. But mostly Mass.

It a super family friendly water park. It's sad to see petty crap like this ruin it. Any time you bring police into a water park - uh, something is wrong.

I love watching the people who show up and are camped their for the entire day. They bring wagons stuffed with food. I've seen crock pots wheeled into Water Country! I'm always impressed with that. This is not a reflection on Water Country for sure. It's a reflection of some bad choices and maybe even some bad parenting. Whatever it is, it should not go unpunished. Because you will only stop bad behavior if you are caught and punished. And sometimes even that doesn't work.

Just look at some politicians...

Anyway, if you know this bruiser, please contact the Portsmouth Police Department. They have some unfinished business with her.

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