There are some acts that most people would consider strange, that others derive pleasure from. As long as though acts aren't affecting anyone else, they are subject to a person's own privacy. But when those acts take on a different form, in the violation of someone's personal space or feeling of safety, those acts become a matter of public importance. Which leads to the very bizarre (and ongoing) case in Auburn, Maine, where police continue to search for a man who is stopping women with the intention of urinating himself in front of them. Yes, you read that right.


According to the Sun-Journal, over the past several weeks, multiple cases have been reported to the Auburn Police Department about a man along Center Street who is cornering women and then urinating himself before scurrying off. One of those cases, outlined by Mark LaFlamme in the Sun-Journal piece, features two young women driving along when they are essentially cornered on a side road by a stranger in another vehicle. The man got out of his vehicle, stood in clear view of the females, and then urinated in his pants before driving off.

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The women in the above incident were able to jot down the man's license plate before he sped off and other women that have experienced this peculiar behavior have also been able to pass along more details to police. The women worry that if the individual perpetrating this pee-per-view incidents goes unchecked for too long, it could escalate into a far worse problem.

If you have experienced any incident like the Lewiston/Auburn area, contact the Auburn Police Department at 207-784-7331.

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