A burgeoning Maine taco empire is planning to open another location.

According to the culinary sleuths from Portlandfoodmap.com, Tacos La Poblanita is opening its second brick-and-mortar location. The newest location will be right in the heart of the rising foodie city of Westbrook.

Originally starting as a food truck before the pandemic, Tacos La Poblanita has grown rapidly due to its delicious food and outstanding marketing. Like many Portland food trucks before them, they have been able to bring that success to the brick-and-mortar scene.

This new location will be the second storefront for the Mexican food wizards. They previously opened a shop in the Maine Mall food court back in the fall of 2022.

The Westbrook location will be right off Main Street, across from the famous Dana Warp Mill building (remember the ice disk? Yeah, right over there). It will be the first stand-alone shop for Tacos La Poblanita.

According to Portland Food Map, the owners are hoping for a March opening for the Westbrook location, which seems like a very quick turnaround. It should be mentioned the building has been restaurants in the past, which I'm sure helped quite a bit in saving time and money.

Even with the two store locations, Tacos La Poblanita's food truck is still rolling right along. It is expected to be back on the East End in Portland once the weather improves. But for now, you can grab their delicious food at the Maine Mall and soon in Westbrook.

Congrats to them on their amazing success. This will be a great addition to Westbrook's food community. Here's to many more years of delicious food and more locations.

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