Spring is nearly six weeks in, and for large portions of Maine, it feels anything but spring-like. While southern and central Maine have seemingly been under cloud cover, with rain showers and 50 degree highs since mid-March, a different tale has been told in northern and eastern Maine. Snow has continued to be the story, as temperatures just can't seem to jump into the season. Unfortunately for the residents in those areas of Maine, it's not going to get any better this week.

Shared on Twitter by Keith Carson, a story system is set to move in Friday that could drop as much as 10 inches of snow on northern Maine. There's portions of Maine that could see as much as a foot of snow if the storm hovers over the area and the atmospheric conditions are perfect. Snowstorms in April aren't uncommon, but it's pretty rare to have sizable accumulation amounts.

Tropical Tidbits
Tropical Tidbits

Eastern Maine isn't off the hook. The backside of the storm is expected to clip the eastern portions of Maine, leaving snowfall amounts as low as an inch all the way up to 8 inches. With the month of May days away, nobody wants to think about snow removal.

Speaking of May, there have been a handful of storms to hit Maine that have left some snow behind. According to the National Weather Service, the latest date where traceable amounts of snow have been recorded was May 23rd, 2015 in Caribou.

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