The Portland City Council issued a flood warning via email this week, alerting citizens to refrain from parking on Commercial Street, where the chance of flooding is highest.

There is a flood watch in effect for Portland on Friday, December 21 through Saturday, December 22. We are expecting significant rain totaling up to 2 to 3 inches on Friday into Saturday. The rain is expected to begin in the early hours of Friday and last into Saturday with very heavy periods of rain on Friday. Our greatest concern is flooding due to the significant rain plus storm surge will worsen during the astronomical high tides expected on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Crews are clearing storm drains to prepare for the heavy rain fall and are prepared to close streets as they become flooded. Please make sure to adhere to any streets that are barricaded and do not attempt to drive through flooded streets. Remember, this is salt water!

Astronomical tide chart (does not account for rain and storm surge): Date Time Tide Time Tide Friday 12/21/18 9:19 AM 10.6' 9:56 PM 9.5' Saturday 12/22/18 10:06 AM 11.1' 10:45 PM 9.7' Sunday 12/23/18 10:54 AM 11.4' 11:35 PM 9.9' Monday 12/24/18 11:45 AM 11.5' Tuesday 12/15/18 12:26 AM 10' 12:37 PM 11.4'

For more information, visit the National Weather Service.

This isn't a first for Portland. If you lived here in 2015, you might remember the flash flood of September that year. Our very own Jeff captured the view of cars swimming down Commercial Street in the video below. Flash floods may not be new, but a few days before Christmas?! Come on!!

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