There's a handful of items and brands that remind everyone of Maine. There's items like an Italian sandwich, with its soft roll, deli ham, cheese, and bunch of veggies slathered in oil. There's a brand like Moxie, which features an indescribable taste that could put hair on your teeth. There's also Allen's Coffee Brandy, a favorite of people from The County who have survived long, arduous winters thanks to the inexpensive signature alcohol.

Facebook via Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy
Facebook via Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy

Lone Pine Brewing in Portland wants to give everyone the chance to experience Allen's Coffee without the brandy part, as they've teamed up for a brand new breakfast stout. The beer will use genuine Allen's Coffee extract to bring you the taste you'd get in a classic Allen's Coffee Brandy bottle, except it's in beer form.

Sure, there's an elephant in the room when it comes to Allen's Coffee Brandy. Most people like to mix it with milk, creating what some people in Maine refer to as the perfect drink. Fear not, milk lovers, Lone Pine didn't just create a stout inspired by Allen's Coffee Brandy, but created a MILK stout. Problem solved.

Distribution of the new beer throughout Maine will begin on Monday, November 14.


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