We talk about Maine’s famous restaurants and bars all the time but we rarely touch upon our award-winning sweet treats.

Our city is filled with different little shops for baked goods and candies but did you know we are in the presence of a chocolate shop that has won competitions for the best chocolate in the entire world?

That’s kind of a huge deal.

Chocolats Passion in Portland, Maine

Sitting on Brackett Street in Portland lives Chocolats Passion, a chocolate shop that knows how to make one hell of a chocolate.

The shop has flown under my radar up until now when I recently stumbled upon an Instagram post that wowed me.

As the shop shared on Instagram, five of their chocolates at Chocolats Passion won medals at the world’s most prestigious competition, the Academy of Chocolate in London, UK.

Chocolats Passion was one of only four US chocolatiers to win and brought home half of the US medals, having won awards for their Miso Sesame, Pistachio Raspberry, Pineapple Black Pepper, Calamansi Almond, and Coffee Toffee chocolates.

Those sound like some crazy flavors and while I would never think to try chocolate with a black pepper flavoring, I trust whatever they are making. The founder, Catherine Wiersema, grew up in France, so you just know she knows what she’s doing.

And clearly, she does, if she’s winning world awards!

The shop was also voted Best Chocolatier in Portland in 2022, so if you haven’t tried this place out yet, you need to go there now!

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