Maine was recently internationally recognized for having the best gin in the world for the year 2022. Bimini Coconut Gin from Round Turn Distilling in Biddeford was declared Gin of the Year at the New Orleans Spirit Competition in July.

The NOSC is an international spirits competition with a mission to bring wider recognition to fine spirits worldwide. Maine’s very own Round Turn Distilling made our state proud.

Round Turn Distilling

The award-winning distillery is located in a 150-year-old textile mill on the Saco River in downtown Biddeford. The tasting room and bar are located right in the heart of the city and the space is open on evenings and weekends for drinks, snacks, retail shopping, and cocktails to go in an aesthetically-pleasing industrial setting.

The founders and distillers, Darren Case and Kristina Hansen, shared with Drink Fellows the cute story behind the gin. Everything starts from somewhere and the catalyst to the distilling of this gin will make you smile.

Bimini Gin Wins Gin of the Year 2022

Not only did Bimini Gin win the Gin of the Year but it was also named Best in Category for Signature Botanical Gin. The inspiration for the gin dates back to when the founders first met.

Darren Case and Kristina Hansen met back in high school at a marina in Maine where Darren used to tie up boats. He used to tie Kristina’s family boat up, which is how they met, and then her dad hired him to clean their boat. Kristina’s dad, Happy, always had a gin and tonic in hand, which became the symbol for summer in Maine.

Their initial meeting and relationship with the family and summer in Maine formed their connection with gin.

So, it was a no-brainer that with a distillery would come the curation of a gin that captures summertime by the water in Maine and the memories that come with it. The recipe-based spirit was created with nostalgic memories and summer in Maine in mind, for both the flavor profile and the brand identity.

Supporting Local in Maine

It’s always a pleasant feeling when you buy and support local here in Maine but it makes it exceptionally special when it comes with a cute story like this.

Two love birds meeting on the coast of Maine and starting an award-winning business based on those memories is one hell of a precious sentiment.

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