It seems that under a decade ago, the LGBTQ community had several bars to call their own in Portland, Maine, but is now down to two.

That would be Blackstone's, Portland's oldest gay bar, and a newer establishment, Cocktail Mary.

With Portland being the progressive, gay-friendly city that it is, it makes you wonder what happened? And will there be another one?

The answer to both of those questions isn’t truly known, but with changing times and progression toward acceptance of all sexual preferences and identities, it can’t be ruled out that everyone just started blending in as one community.

The LGBTQ community getting together at a local brewery, dive bar, or pub has become the norm, especially over the last decade.

Most of the members of the community that I've spoken with enjoy Blackstone's and Cocktail Mary, but are missing the often traditional dance floor. However, in order for that to happen, a much larger establishment would need to open, which also comes with higher expenses along with the risk of being a successful business.

Cocktail Mary via Instagram
Cocktail Mary via Instagram

That being said, it raises a question: in the current climate, would another gay bar survive in a smaller city like Portland, Maine? It’s likely that the majority of the LGBTQ community would love to find out.

If you want to be able to bar hop and be amongst a large group of the LGBTQ community (although filled with vacationers of all different walks of life in the summer), Ogunquit is your place to go with fun spots like Main Street and The Front Porch, not to mention one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire state of Maine.

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