In surprising compiled data, Portland beats out major cities across the country for cheaters per capita.

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According to new data compiled by CBS News, Portland has the highest rate of cheaters per capita in the country after the leaks went public this week. Portland edged out other major cities in the U.S. like Orlando, San Antonio and Salt Lake city, all 3 were in the top 10. Check out the rest of the top 10 here with this CBS News article.

CBS news claims that Portland's high proliferation of bars, taverns and restaurants are prime breeding ground for cheaters to roam. But according to other data compiled by Business Insider, Maine is revealed is having the 4th lowest sign up rate on the adulterer website. So which is it? Check out Business Insiders compiled data here.

The conclusion can simply be drawn that if you're married and you were looking for something on the side, then Portland was the only spot in Maine where you might find someone to match up with. The rest of the state either didn't know about didn't care.

So what do you think....should Portland, Maine own the dubious distinction of being the #1 cheating city per capita in America?