You may be seeing it at backyard gatherings. You may be seeing it at beaches. You might be seeing it at Peaks Island on reggae Sunday or the Porthole on a warm, sunny afternoon.

We're talking about hard seltzers.

They've taken over the world, and specifically Portland, Maine, this summer and apparently a little phrase has been invented when you're getting toasty while drinking White Claws.

Game. Set. Match.

Turns out, much to everyone's surprise, that the laws of the land are still intact even when you've knocked a bunch of Black Cherry White Claws. Hopefully this vital memo will be passed along to all of the bros to allow everyone to enjoy a solid day drinking adventure around Portland without engaging in any salacious activity.

Also, one commenter on this Portland PD post suggested that they should be 100% verified after this roast-worthy tweet, and we couldn't agree more.

Let's get that blue checkmark on this account immediately, bro.

So if you're having a White Claw or any other alcoholic beverage, just remember to please drink responsibly. And laws still apply no matter what you're drinking.

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