Portland Police are looking for an individual who allegedly entered a bank on Forest Avenue and demanded cash.

Police say a man entered the Norway Saving Bacnk at 446 Forest Avenue and demanded cash after making threats to the staff around 1:40 PM on Wednesday.

It sounds as if no one was harmed in the robbery, but I'm sure some were shaken up by the robbery. The staff of banks and similar businesses that are suspect to robbery are trained to do as the robber says to de-escalate the situation and leave it up to police investigators to find the suspect, which they usually do, but they could use some help from the public.

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Google Maps

Police describe the suspect as a white male with black-rimmed glasses who was wearing a brown coat, a gray and tan winter hat, and black sneakers with white soles. Police say he appears to be in his mid to late 40s or early 50s and has shorter gray facial hair in a beard and mustache and was last seen on foot.

It always amazes me that in 2023 when we have cameras everywhere that can show things in great detail, people still try to rob banks. If you rob a bank, you're going to get caught and your life will be a lot worse than it would have been prior to deciding to rob a bank.

If you have any information that could help police investigators find this suspect, you're asked to call (207) 874-8575.

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