Was Casey Sheehan's fate sealed when he dressed as a sandwich for Halloween back in 1989?


Casey wanted to be sandwich back in 1989. So his Mom made it happen. By the way, that's an olive with a toothpick through it on his head.

Casey Sheehan

Fast forward to 2012 when Casey opened up The Local Press on Woodfords Street in Portland.


The name is clever once you realize that Casey and his crew of sammich magicians offer about a dozen different paninis! I went with the Beacon Street: turkey, avocado, local tomatoes, organic red onion, provolone, mayo, and hot red pepper jelly that made this sandwich one of the best ever. Plus, who doesn't love a panini? Oh, you? Don't worry - they have a cold sandwich selection too with lots of natural ingredients and just a damn good sandwich.


I also grabbed a huge slice of pecan gooey cheesecake (made there) and Casey threw in some soup! I don't even know what it was. It was a spicy curry veggie delightfulness. Now, I'm trying to be good about what I eat. It was very hard to resist the special of the day - a 'Poutini'. Yes, Boarshead roast beef with POUTINE!

The Local Press

It's a local favorite. Yes, this sandwich AND this sandwich shop. I love, love, love a good sandwich and a panini? Well, I'm a fan. Careful what you dress up as for Halloween - you may be sealing your fate!



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