Anyone who has spent a wild evening in Portland's Old Port knows that Wharf Street usually ends up being the loudest, and most raucous, by closing time. There's never been an issue with car traffic late at night on that road because Portland restricts all vehicles from 6pm to 6am daily. But according to the Forecaster, the City of Portland is set to go even further with those restrictions during their peak tourism season.

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Portland will set into place a full vehicle ban on Wharf Street from Memorial Day to Columbus Day each year effectively by early-August 2018. No longer will any vehicles, including those making deliveries, be able to access the cobblestone street that houses several businesses. The wooden gates that have been in place to block PM traffic will be removed and replaced with bollards, to insure that no vehicle traffic attempts to skirt the rules.

The hope is that the removal of vehicles during the warmest months will increase foot traffic and help boost businesses that have sometimes struggled to stay afloat on Wharf Street.

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