This election will be huge.

That's why Portland's city clerk is expanding hours for people to drop off their absentee ballots because they know that the turnout is going to be of epic proportions that have not been seen in years, according to WMTW Channel 8.

More people than ever are voting absentee or early in-person voting. So far, 133,000 Mainers have opted to vote early or absentee, the news station reported.

The city clerk's office will be open both Thursday and on the 22nd for absentee ballot returns. The city also wants to install an absentee ballot drop box outside of Meryl auditorium as soon as it arrives, so people have a place to put their votes to make sure they're counted, according to WMTW.

For more information, check out the city of Portland's website on how to make sure your vote is counted if you can't make it to the physical poll.

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