Uh oh. The Maine Senate unanimously voted to get rid of obscene license plates.


Vanity plates and all license plates are state-owned property, so why did Maine let you go basically nuts with whatever you wanted? Well, plates go under Maine's motor vehicle law, which changed in 2015. It only lets the Secretary of State reject messages that suggest an association with a public institution, are duplicative, or 'encourage violence or may result in an act of violence or other unlawful activity.' That basically opened the door for pretty much anything else. Right now, the number one complaint heading into the Secretary of State is about vanity plates.

The first vote of many is in books and it's all about getting rid of plates like this one.

Reddit via eagerland
Reddit via eagerland

According to News Center Maine, Sen. Bill Diamond, D-Cumberland, is sponsoring the bill. He says that if this gets signed into law, the state could refuse some vanity plates, and could also require people to stop using the plates they have, but you would be able to appeal.

Other states do this so don't get your panties in a bunch over violating your First Amendment rights - Maine’s Attorney General has said it does not.

It ain't over yet with more votes and hurdles to pass - but it looks like the fun is over for your vanity plate that went above and well beyond!



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