A local Portland, Maine, restaurant is getting some serious accolades from the very popular website, Thrillist.

The online media company, which specializes in covering food, drinks, and entertainment, has released its 41 Best Brunch Spots in America. One of those 41 is Portland's iconic Central Provisions.

The James Beard-nominated restaurant is located right in the heart of the Old Port, on Fore Street. It has been a true mainstay since it opened back in 2014. Central Provisions is mostly known for incredible cocktails and an ever-changing creative menu.

However, what they don't technically have is, well, brunch.

Oddly enough, Central Provisions is truly on this list for their incredibly expansive lunch menu. Central Provisions offers diners an eclectic selection that any foodie would die for.

Thrillist's write-up of Central Provisions discusses the restaurant's incredible creativity and style, including this gem of a line:

It's the kind of place where the menu is just a series of nouns (“foie gras parfait, custard, buddha’s hand gelee”) and the food looks like art and tastes the way it probably feels to be George Clooney. -Thrillist

While Central Provisions isn't "technically" a brunch spot, it does open daily at 11am, which is prime "brunch" time, especially on the weekends.

If you are interested in checking it out, be ready to wait. Central Provisions is a decent size but always has a wait list, which is truly a sign of a restaurant's greatness.

Central Provisions was the only Maine restaurant on Thrillist's list. However, one other New England joint joined them. Boston's Lincoln Tavern was also named as one of the top 41. The Southie establishment is widely known for their comfort food brunch menu, including a number of pizza options.

Thrillist's entire list can be found here. I'm ready to use it as a road map for my next vacation.

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