If you've never heard of the term "bottle club," you aren't alone. This is all new to me as well, but it's intriguing. According to Meriam Webster, a bottle club is defined as "a club serving patrons previously purchased or reserved alcoholic drinks after normal legal closing hours."

Man & Oak Bottle Club is a private bottle club at the corner of Oak and Free Street where members can store their bottles of whiskey and other spirits in lockers and come to the club to enjoy them in the midst of downtown Portland.

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Don't be fooled by the name Man & Oak, however. It's not a club exclusively for men. Anyone is allowed to become a member. The name comes from club director Michael Meir's personal journey with whiskey.

"I developed a passion for whiskey while bartending in the Caribbean in the early 2000's," he says on the Man & Oak website. "Since then, the endless quest to educate myself about this spirt has been a life-altering journey."

That journey led to the opening of Man & Oak where anyone who is a fan of whiskey or other distilled spirits can come become a member and come to the club to drink their own purchased bottles stored securely in backlit lockers, acting as a showcase to other members, possibly inspiring them to try something new.

I love a good whiskey and have a small assortment at home. I've even thought about joining a whiskey subscription club to sample whiskeys and buy bottles. If you're into that as well, and looking to find a place to enjoy your bottle with others who have the same passion, Man & Oak might be for you.

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