As if everything else that is going on around us isn't enough, Mother Nature is planning another potential sucker punch for Maine on Monday. After a spring Nor'Easter brought piles of snow and left tens of thousands of Mainers without power, Monday promises to another dose of substantial winds that could leave a lot more Mainers in the dark.

Shared on Twitter by Ryan Breton of NewsCenter Maine, the fierce winds will arrive Monday and unfortunately, stick around for most of the day. Southern and central Maine will see heavy downpours and wind gusts between 45-65mph. Those types of sustained wind gusts have never been good for Maine's frail electricity infrastructure. Think back to October of 2018 if you need a reminder.

While the coastal areas of Maine will be hit the hardest, inland towns and communities will still see substantial wind and rain as well. Even sustained wind gusts in the mid 40's can knock down tree limbs and cause major issues for roads and electricity.

Powerful wind storms are never something we want to hear about but especially in this particular time of quarantine when so many are relying on electricity and internet service for work and school from home. As always, we'll have an updated list of power outages on our website throughout Monday and the remainder of the week.

Stay safe.

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