Dangerous dogs are just about the most confusing thing ever for dog lovers. All we have for them is affection, but when Fido wants to take a chunk out of your hand, even the most avid pooch-petters take a well-advised step back. Fortunately, most owners of these dangerous dogs tend to be well aware of the situation, and take good care to keep people safe from them. There are, however, some owners that may be violent themselves, that are unwittingly encouraging this behavior in their dogs, and endangering everyone around them.

According to WMTW News 8, The Maine Animals Welfare Advisory Council has proposed a bill to combat this. The bill cracks down on pairing people convicted of felonies in the last 10 years and dogs deemed dangerous by the court. Check out WMTW's video here: http://www.wmtw.com/article/bill-would-ban-certain-mainers-from-owning-dogs/12450468

In the video, the council refers to dangerous dogs as weapons. According to this new bill, anyone under the age of 21 would also be banned from owning a dangerous dog; the reasons given being that if smoking and drinking are banned from that age group, then weapons should be too.

What do you make of this proposed bill? Should felons be allowed to have dangerous dogs, or would this step towards safety be overkill? As always, feel free to chime in in the comments!


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