Scientifically called a piebald deer, the rare white deer with brown spots was noticed by a resident of Little Deer Isle over the weekend. 

Piebald Deer
Facebook courtesy of Adam Eaton


Little Deer Isle resident Adam Eaton snapped this photo of a rare piebald deer over the weekend. So what exactly is a piebald deer? Well...

According to, piebald deer have a genetic defect that produces their white skin and leaves them with various brown and sometimes black spots. They also have other defects, like a bowing of the nose, an arching spine and shorter legs that can become infected. This photo from Little Deer Isle shows some sort of growth on the deer's back leg, which could be infected.

Piebald deer make up less than 1% of the white tailed deer population worldwide. However, they are not as rare fully white, albino or melanisitic deer. You can check out more photos and information on piebald deer here at

Have you ever spotted a rare deer? How about another rare animal in the Maine woods? Share your photos with us!

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